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Steak Types | Best Miami Steak

When is a steak ever just a steak? True steak connoisseurs know that the taste, texture, and overall quality of a steak depends largely on the cut of the beef and the journey that it went through from pasture to plate. Each Miami steakhouse specializes in particular cuts of beef, making each of their menus unique and distinctive. Deciding which steak is Miami’s best steak is left up to you.

Prime Aged

When it comes to finding a terrific prime aged steak, you have no shortage of options to choose from. Most Miami steak restaurants offer a prime aged cut, with a select few making this their exclusive steak offering. These establishments include:

Dry Aged

Dry aged steak differs from a prime cut in that the meat has been allowed to rest for an extended period of time. This allows the naturally-occurring enzymes within the cut to work their magic, creating a complexity of savory, sweet, and bitter flavor that can’t be beat. Miami steak lovers can find such steaks at: